Guided Meditation for Coping with Loss and Healing

Evelyn Burttram

I will admit, I have been through more in my (relatively young) life so far. After losing our first and only child in 2015, my and my husband’s life changed forever. I could not go back to “the way things were” because that person was forever changed. My life will now remain divided between the time before and after the birth and death of our daughter. In the roller coaster of emotion I have experienced since, my personal focus turned to finding a sense of inner peace while also trying to focus on the things that still brought me joy.

I have found that mindfulness meditation, moving meditation and Yin Yoga, have truly helped me find a sense of peace and “groundedness”, even on my worst days. There are days that I want to curl up and cry, scream even, but I know that I can find solace on my mat…

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