Sunrises and Quiet Contemplations

Not to long ago I was reading quite a bit on retraining the brain in order to achieve higher levels of peace and self acceptance while also lowering stress levels. One of the challenges presented in the writings was to watch more sunrises. I thought… “Simple enough”… and took the challenge head on. After watching only a few sunrises I was hooked. I am now out of bed before the sun rises on a daily basis; I make my coffee, feed the furbabies and then sit down to watch the sun rise slowly over the trees in the distance. I leave the house in total silence, the dogs now happily fed and out in the yard. It is truly a meditative experience. As the sun peeks over the trees and begins to reflect off the of the lake and through the windows it fills our living space with a beautiful and nourishing natural light that almost feels as though you could close your eyes and breathe it in. The mix of light and silence is healing. Every now and then I hear a plane fly over, the jet engines a distant hum- adding to the silence only for a moment before moving on. With my eyes closed I begin searching outward for sounds beyond the silence. I can hear birds chirping in the yard and the ducks and geese out on the lake, bathing in the new morning light. Our cat will by now be curled up quietly in a patch of sun coming through the window at just the right angle. These are my mornings- my coffee beside me and the new day before me. Endless Potential… that is what mornings hold.


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